The Violet Ray Healing Light Energy


Hello AGAIN Dearests Friends :D :D
As there will be two Violet Flame Attunements soon-one on Nov, 8 by Dear Aroon ''Violet Flame'' and another on Dec, 4 by me and Tor ''Silver Violet Flame''- I thought it would be a good idea to share this piece of writing with you.
Harmonic Blessings

The Violet Ray Healing Light Energy
Many people have asked me "What is the Violet Ray Healing Light Energy?"  The answer requires a lot of explanation, as not many people know a lot about it. So allow me to share with you what I know about it.  The Violet Ray Light Energy surrounds our planet and all of us and is the primary source of electromagnetic energy that give life to all it touches.  It is invisible to most but appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.  The violet ray light energy has many functions and the ones I know of are:
1. Revitalizes all life
2. Invigorates all life
3. Slows and retards the biological aging processes
4. Transforms negative thought charges to positive ones
5. Transmutes negative feelings and emotions to neutral or
    positive ones
6. Healing the body of all diseases

Man has known about the great and wonderful healing abilities of the violet light's flame for a long long time.  The knowledge of its presence however was passed on to those chosen few worthy to know and use its abilities in a correct and positive way.  Ascended master's like Jesus, used its flame energies to heal the sick and raise the dead and accelerate their own spiritual growth, development and evolution.  These highly developed adepts and saints knew the correct methods for calling upon and utilizing this amazing source of light energy, which surrounds us all.  They used their bodies as instruments to channel and direct the light's healing powers with their spirits and minds.  They knew, understood, and experienced the universal law that "Thought Creates" and that through positive directed thoughts boosted by positive emotions and feelings and the violet ray light source energy their thoughts would manifest right before their very eyes. Here, in lies the power of all spiritual holy men and women.  Yes, this amazing ability to direct the violet ray energy light source for healing one's self or another is open to all who will to learn its wonderful ways through positive thought creation. 
This once well-kept secret about the Violet Flame has now been made public to all in the twentieth century.  But the majority of people have not yet recognized its value due to the pursuit of false wisdoms presented by organized religions, governments, and false leaders who would use fear as an entrapment against your freewill.  But remember life is an awakening process.   
Count St. Germain
St. Germain was known as the "Wonderman" of Europe as he appeared in 18th Century Europe. St. Germain, whose contemporaries described him as ageless, is known as the greatest adept of this Age. Among other achievements, he was a master alchemist, healer, herbalist, musician, writer, hypnotist, painter, singer and diplomat. In this representation, the violet ray fire of transmutation flows from his hands. Note the mesmerizing violet ray energy reservoir of swirling flames around him, transforming destructive energies back into healing and life giving energies. These violet ray energies are known to both restore, as well as give new life to all physically dead life forms.  The giving new life to the physically dead is known as "Genesis".

Aroon Kumar:
Shokran Asu for this info.

Two Doves:
Dear Asuman,

Thanks for so much new information on the Violet Ray. I've been using this alot on myself lately to help with many, fast, huge changes that are going on in my life. I love this energy.


Petra Maria:
Dear Asuman,

thank you for this additional information.
Healing with colours is very powerful - I've been doing it all the time, especially when working with the chakras. But working with special colours like purple, turkoise, gold or silver during "normal" healing, really makes a difference, the receiver notices as well. I love it.

So the attunement in Violet Flame or Violet Silver Flame is great, because I don't have to visualize the colour for the time of healing, because just thinking "it" makes it run. So, I become more "multi-tasking"  ;D during a sesion - that's great!

Thanks a lot!


Adrianna Dawn Moser:
     I had no idea of the power and intensity of this until it flowed thru. As soon as I opened to channel it thru.....
 Thankyou for the info you put on this site.
       With deep Love and Light, Adrianna


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