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Author Topic: Hado effect - Power of Words & Thoughts  (Read 1562 times)
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« on: June 23, 2010, 06:58:53 AM »

“HADO creates words Words are the vibrations of nature Therefore
beautiful words create beautiful nature Ugly words create ugly nature
This is the root of the universe.” Dr. Emoto

The Power of word and thoughts: He has sent all
kinds of human emotional thoughts and feelings to the water samples before
freezing them. Results are amazing.

Thank you in Japanese  Gassho (hands joined in prayer)

You fool in Japanese   Dirty

More Pics---

Dr. Masaru Emoto has performed a series of experiments in which he proves that
our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality. Water was his subject of
study and he started out studying the shape of water ice crystals. He used all
sorts of water from all different places all over the world and studied how they
would form ice crystals. He noticed that water from heavy polluted rivers doesn’t
crystallize at all and that clean mineral spring water produces beautiful ice
crystals when being frozen. 
So far so good, it is a result that may be expected. However to his amazement he
discovered that the crystallization of the water molecules was somehow related to
his mood !?  He started experiments in which he used clean tap water and sent all
kinds of human emotional thoughts and feelings to the water samples before
freezing them. To his astonishment the water reacted to his intentions. When
negative thoughts and feelings were used, no beautiful ice crystals were formed,
they were either chaotic in form or did not crystallize at all. However when he
sent loving thoughts and feelings to the water before freezing it, the most
beautiful and regular highly organized crystals formed. In following experiments
he put stickers on the bottles of water and labelled them with words like ‘Love,
God’ and ‘Hate and Devil’ and again the ice crystals reflected the intention of the
words put onto them. It is imazing to see the differance! 
Next he experimented with all kinds of music to test the effect. Music is a natural
expressing of vibrations and it was no longer a surprise that the vibrations of
lovely classical music versus aggressive angry hard rock music were also
reflected in the ice crystals .
Dr. Emoto’s Hado theory postulates that, ‘since all phenomena are at heart
resonating energy, by changing the vibration we can change the substance’. So
when we want to change the internal vibration of let’s say polluted water, we can
use our positive intention to clean this water! 
And that’s exactly what Dr. Emoto and his ‘followers’ are now doing. All over the
world Hado cleansing rituals are held to clean our rivers, seas and oceans. The
first time he demonstrated the effect of Hado in public, he gathered a crowd of
th   350 people around Japan’s most polluted lake, Lake Biwa on the 25   of July
1999. The foul water smelled horrendous caused by the algae ‘Kokanada’ that
yearly covered the lake! In the gathering organized by Dr. Emoto a large crowd of
people projected their positive intentions like a laser beam onto the polluted
Water samples of the lake’s water were taken before and after the ceremony and
a dramatic improvement of the structure of the water crystals was detected. A
month after the ceremonial, a newspaper article appeared in the influential Kyoto
Shinburn newspaper. The article stated that this year ‘the spread of the water
algae had improved and that the foul stench had disappeared’.....

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