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This 12-chakra system first appears as one embodies 6000 strands roughly to
30% in the physical. One may wish to synthesize the new chakras after this
point in one's daily meditation and as one becomes aware that they have
opened. Generally the chakras open a little at a time over a four-month
period, beginning with the new fourth chakra and ending with the new 12th

1st Chakra - Grounding Chakra
This chakra begins under the feet and is for purposes of grounding soul into
form. This chakra has multiple energy components and moves around the field
in a complex system of rotation to keep soul anchored in the center of the
form and field or subtle bodies. This chakra includes the feet, knees and
hips along with root chakra and seven sets of chakras that extend from the
feet to the aurora in the center of earth and beyond.

2nd Chakra - Pelvic or Sexual Energy Chakra
This chakra begins in the pelvis but includes a complex energy flow known as
sexual energy and kundalini. The kundalini runs up the spine through the
nervous system, and the sexual energy is a set of triple circles that rotate
through the hips and under the feet, between the hips and heart region, and
from the heart over the head. While anchoring, the sexual energy may expand
to include a region as large as 250 miles as needed for world service
purposes, or while teaching and healing. This chakra also continues to allow
the emotional body to relay emotions to the form and then transfers the
emotions to the heart via the sexual energy flow.

This chakra region also expands to contain a center for soul and the
information related to one's tapestry of ancestry. Such information is now
held by soul rather than inside of the form to deter against manipulations
therein. Soul holds the ancestral information and sits inside of a new
cavity about the size of a quarter in the pelvis, and transmits the
necessary lineage information as needed for karmic release purposes, along
with gathering new ancestral information as it is released inside of the
scar tissue or decay of the form during the act of resurrection.

There is a lotus that opens in the second chakra region. This lotus extends
outwards up to 1000 feet around an initiate. The lotus energizes the lower
half of the grid work to sustain the grounding to the center of the earth.
The lotus opens to a maximum of 250 petals that work together in groups of
12, as the blueprint to 6000 is embodied 100% in the physical.

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus or Power Chakra
This chakra governs power and includes a complex energy flow that sustains
the boundaries around the etheric body of the form, the chakras, the subtle
bodies, and surrounding the extended global chakras. It is from the power
center that one's group agreements for interactions with all others along
with the new consensus for ascension are stored.

4th Chakra - Diaphragm or Breath of Life Chakra
This chakra governs the diaphragm and conscious breath. Conscious breath is
not only a developed diaphragm that can convert oxygen to sugar upon a
biological level, but is also an energy flow through the field in which the
chi and fire are distributed as originating from the heart and soul region
through the grid work, chakras and subtle body of the form. We will give a
simple exercise in which one connects to the sun via the pituitary to
transfer energy into the grid work and activates the 4th chakra region to do
its job through the conscious will of the initiate at the end of these
descriptions. As one brings the sun's energy into the head and allows it to
travel down the spine, the fourth chakra kicks in energizing the remaining
grid work and field with the chi collected therein.

5th Chakra - Heart Chakra
This chakra governs the heart, which includes the complex energy flow of a
multi-petal lotus that continues to grow in size as one reaches full
consciousness to contain 1000 petals. At 6000 strands, one has 1/4 of the
petals fully formed or roughly 250 petals flowing in sets of 12 that are
interrelated much like a flower. This complex set of flower like patterns
allows soul to bless Earth and all with whom one comes into contact as one
has agreed upon. Such petals and their energy movement will extend as far as
1000 feet from the form.

The heart center also governs the ongoing communication of soul and body
through the communication centers of the form. Such communication centers
gather information from all four subtle bodies along with soul and guidance
along with angels and then communicate such to the consciousness or
subconscious of the form. The subconscious is one's dreamtime reality while

At this time and due to changes in the map for ascension as 6000 strands is
embodied roughly 30% in the physical, the akashic records and biological
records are moved inside of the heart chakra to the soul cavity. The soul
sits in a cavity, which encompasses portions of both the right and left side
of the heart. Soul retains such records passing them to the form and divas
as necessary in the act of ascension. This too assists in bypassing the
manipulations inherent in having such records outside of the form and in the
neck region.

6th Chakra - Throat Chakra
This chakra governs the communication that causes exchanges of energy
between humans or between the communication planes of Earth and one's form.
This too is a complex flow of energy that involves ongoing and constant
communication of intent for the purposes of one's continued ascension or
manifestation of one's soul purpose in the physical. One will see that there
are holograms for one's dream that sits within this chakra region and have
matching holograms that now sit upon the communication and dreamtime planes
of Earth. The communication planes now only contain the Language of Light
tones. One must utilize such tones to intend anything upon Earth at this

7th Chakra - Occipital Region of Head
This chakra governs the complex energy movement throughout all meridians of
the etheric grid work. The requirement of chi in a crystalline form and
crystalline grid work is far greater than prior times in one's life dance,
and therefore an entire chakra now is dedicated to monitoring such energy
movement so that all parts of the form are equally energized to sustain the
life and well being of the cells. In the physical, this area also contains
the brain stem which governs the autonomic nervous system that keeps the
blood moving, the heart beating, the intestinal tract moving, the digestive
system moving, the lymph moving and so on. Such biological systems are
related to the movement of chi in the grid work of the form and governed by
this new chakra.

8th Chakra - Pineal Gland
This chakra collects chi from the sun and light and transcribes it into the
necessary vibrations to sustain one's form and energize the grid work
adequately. Taking the time each day with eyes closed and facing the sun
while intending to absorb the energy into the grid work will consciously
activate the 8th chakra to gather chi and transfer it to the 4th chakra
region to be distributed throughout the form. If one feels excessively
tired, going into the sun is a good practice and shall help to re-energize
the entire field and etheric body. It only requires generally 20 minutes of
direct exposure of sunlight to fulfill upon the chi requirements of a form
at 6000 strands of DNA.

In ancient times, eating was less necessary. Humans gathered their chi from
the sun through such practices. In ascension temples, such temples were
often in places of ongoing sunlight for such purposes of adding more chi to
fuel one's expansion. One may find it less necessary to eat as much or as
often through this practice, however one's cravings for certain food
substances will still follow the biological needs for transmutative purposes
of ascension.

9th Chakra - Pituitary Gland
This chakra governs the small chakras that exist throughout the grid work of
the etheric body. One is forever opening new chakras as yet other parts of
the grid work are opened and re-energized as one ascends. After initiation
6000 is embodied to 30% in the physical, a chakra to manage the small
sub-chakras throughout the grid work becomes necessary, and this is the
purpose of the 9th chakra. In the physical, the Pituitary gland is the
master gland that manufactures and monitors all ascension substances
throughout the form. It is in constant contact with the brain stem and
thymus to assure that the form has the right amount of each chemical
necessary to continue to transmute the body in ascension.

10th Chakra - Crown Chakra
This chakra is one's master library of spiritual knowledge. Often times the
brain is so debilitated in the current limitation of form that more
knowledge is stored in the nonphysical brain than in the physical brain. Yet
through channeling one may access such nonphysical knowledge and speak it as
needed in one's life role. In essence, Mila understood years ago that the
ascension would take too long to bring totally into the physical structure.
However, as a gifted channel, one can express the wisdom without the biology
for the purposes of teaching, healing or leading. This has worked so
successfully for her that this has become a part of the map to Bodhisattva
for all others to follow.

The 10th chakra is a complex energy flow that includes up to 1000 chakras
that connect the Bodhisattva to one's source and sustains the connection
through ongoing movement of energy. Often initiates feel disconnected and it
is not unusual to have the chakras above the head shattered in a karmic
exchange. One rebuilds their system nightly during recasting due to karmic
encounters to allow one to continue to ascend.

Much like the heart and pelvic region, a multi-petal lotus opens in the
crown as 6000 is embodied to 30% in the physical. These petals grow to be
250 in number as one embodies 6000 100% to blueprint and allows for greater
ongoing communication between one's source and soul and one's physical form
and consciousness.

11th Chakra - Right Telepathic Channel - Male Side
This chakra governs information received through telepathic communication
with the non-physical realms. Sometimes such communication will come through
in direct channeling rather than be "heard" in one's mind or ear. However an
entire chakra to govern nonphysical communication is created by initiation
6000, as it is embodied 30% in the physical to allow greater conscious
dreamtime awareness. This chakra shall allow each to become more attuned to
the nonphysical planes surrounding Earth, along with the Earth mother and
all kingdoms therein, for the purposes of sharing, communion, and guidance.

This chakra along with the 12th chakra also governs the masculine and
feminine side of the vibrations one holds along with energy movement in the
form. There is an ongoing exchange of energies between the right and left
side or masculine and feminine side of the etheric body, subtle bodies and
each chakra region. This chakra along with the 12th chakra retains the
balance on the right and left side of the form in all energy flow therein

12th Chakra - Left Telepathic Channel - Female Side
This chakra governs the transference of all records and information of one's
personal ascension to Earth's archives and the temple of human ancestry in
an ongoing basis. This chakra also is anchored by initiation 6000 as it is
embodied 30% into the physical. This increased pace of ascension has one
releasing records day and night and this chakra governs this purpose to
allow the relay to be 24 hours per day rather than strictly during recasting
in dreamtime. One can liken this to the fact that one begins to be
continuously recast afterinitiation 6000 by one's soul and source.
Chakras 11 and 12 work together to retain balance between the masculine
and feminine sides of the form along with one's life dance, or movement
between times of beingness and outward moving activity.

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Aroon Kumar:
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Hi Ian
Thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us!

Thank you Aroon and Bjorn! :)

It is the hard work of many who have experimented, searched and discovered the Chakra Systems, and wrote about it. Then we read and gather information :) :)

I believe there are more to these as we move towards light! :)
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Hi Ian
Thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us!

just sharing what others have taught me bro. :)

Am sure there are many more experts out there who can share more information..beyond the 12 chakras! :)

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